Two FIR Pad Promotion
Two FIR Pad Promotion

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Two FIR Pad Promotion

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The package includes:

  • FIR PAD X 2

The SOQI FIR Pad features FIR technology to provide warm, relaxing and rejuvenating thermotherapy. 

FIR works in harmony with your body to reduce tension.

Features & Benefits:

Innovative technology provides constant, even heat for maximum results.

•  Well made and durable.

•  Soft machine-washable cover for easy care.

•  Portable and easy to use

•  Designed to work on most areas of the body.

Directions: One or two 30-60 minute sessions daily.

Warning: Persons who have pre-existing medical conditions or taking medication should consult with their doctor before use. 

Caution: When used by senior citizens, children or disabled persons, the FIR Pad should be used with proper observance by someone else. The temperature should also be watched carefully!

Technical Parameters


Model No:HM-518

AC Voltage:110V-120V

Export Power:230W+20%


Size:18.90”(W)x27.56”(L) / (480mmx700mm) 

Range of temperature: 68℉/20℃ ~ 131℉/55℃