Healing in nature

Aligning with your Divine Design

Pure Wellness acknowledges our body's natural ability to heal and thrive when we feel loved ♡ and supported. We empower families and individuals with tools to facilitate healing at home and feeling connected to God, our environment, our purpose and each other.

Welcome to Pure Wellness, Living LOVE and our well made foundation.

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Meet Dr. Jasmine Esguerra

Aloha and welcome! I grew up watching my grandmother heal my mother, her family and friends. My mom had epilepsy and my grandmother's approach was holistic, faith filled and loving. As a result, my style is heavily focused on first listening and supporting my clients and patients to feel safe in their environment and body.

I'm honored to work with our soul path and body wisdom. My goal is the unique communion of inspiring your body and fully embodying your spirit body. Each of us has a unique purpose in life and we're more fulfilled when we feel aligned to carry our purpose through.

Centropix+ Kloud

When most people think of alternative wellness and fitness, they usually think of essential oils, homeopathic remedies, acupuncture and yoga. But now holistic care is rising to the level of Nobel Prize-winning science that incorporates physics and electromagnetic technology - and finally addresses the root cause of biological imbalance,especially molecular imbalance.

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Email: drjasminetherese@gmail.com

Contact number: 8085002195

The tools to help you heal...


One million members with a focus on signing organizations to support large groups of families.


Specializing in posture, raising your energy, supporting and celebrating your life


Have support and guidance from real world, faith filled and inspired teachers who have been divinely sent to share their gifts with you.


Celebrate life milestones and be prepared to move through challenges with greater ease.


Create your team of support and encouragement, we make being well simple and soulful.

Her Mission & Vision

Dr. Jasmine's Mission is to create a new model of heart based, whole family healthcare where we can live full happy lives, passing away without pain or symptoms.

Living LOVE - learn the science core to healing yourself and your loved ones with your own hands and intention.

In her vision, families enjoy life changing events and confidently provide hands on healing at home similar to what she experienced and learned from her grandmother.

Dr. Jasmine's Projects

Client's Love

Dr. Jasmine’s holistic and gentle approach to chiropractic care will change your life. As someone who has had back/neck/shoulder issues for decades, I have seen my fair share of chiropractors, and Dr. Jasmine is the BEST I have worked with. If all you are used to and expect from a chiropractic adjustment is the clack clack clack of bones being forcibly being aligned, you MUST see Dr. Jasmine. She definitely is blessed with “healer” hands, not to mention the wealth of knowledge about how the human body functions and is all connected.

Lena Shiigi