Mix & Match- E-Power Promotion
Mix & Match- E-Power Promotion

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Mix & Match- E-Power Promotion

Sale price$850.00

E-Power was designed to provide Negative Potential Energy with High Frequency Energy. 

Features & Benefits:

•  Noticeable results without side effects

•  Easy to use and safe 

•  Portable and convenient 

•  Dual ports allow for two simultaneous users 

•  International patented design


One or two 30-60 minute sessions daily.

You must remove all electronic devices and metallic items from your body or clothing before use.

Warning :

Do NOT use if you have a pacemaker, are menstruating, pregnant, or have a high fever.

Persons who have pre-existing medical conditions or taking medication should consult with their doctor before use. 

Mix & Match
Purchase at least 2 machines (e.g. Chi Machine, Regular HotHouse, Grande HotHouse, E-Power, and ADV ERE) together at the same time and enjoy the discounted prices.

You can “mix and match” different types of machines; however, the purchase quantity has to be 2 or more.

All products purchased can only be shipped to a single address; no separate shipping available.