Reiki 2 Class


Reiki 2 Class

Sale price$325.00

White Light Reiki Level 2

By Reiki 2, you are empowered to use the distance symbol, where you can send Reiki to friends, family and even your plants and pets no matter where they are. You can also send Reiki to relationships, job interviews, meetings, or wherever you need to help things to happen for the highest good.

Goals & Outcomes

    • Affects physical, emotional and mental levels
    • Expanded intuitive awareness
    • Learn energy diagnostic techniques
    • Introduction of sacred symbols
    • Using a pendulum to assess chakras
    • Bonus follow up on muscle testing, using a pendulum for asking yes/no questions, and additional emotional healing strategies, including use of Bituin Elixir flower essence blends
    • Learn Distant Healing
    • Take home manual
    • Reiki II Certificate


Taught by Dr. Chris Lipat, DC in Honolulu

Upcoming Schedule

January 30 or April 24, 2022
Saturday, 1:00-6:00pm

5 students max, in-person at:
Mind-Body Energy Medicine
1110 University Avenue, STE 304
Honolulu, HI 96826, US


Prerequisite: Any Reiki 1 class. Please bring your certificates and the symbols you have learned.

White Light Reiki has 4 levels. The Expert Level 3 plus the Master/Teaching Level 4. In my line, it is required for you to become a registered Karuna Reiki® Master (4 additional levels) prior to becoming a White Light Reiki Master Teacher. A White Light Reiki Master Teacher in this line will have undergone 8 levels of attunement.

Class Fee: $325