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BREAKTHROUGH flower essence blend by Dr Chris Lipat hand crafted by Essence Alchemy. For emerging into expansiveness. May be applied to the Thymus and Throat Chakras. With water, alcohol, penstemon, scarlet gilia, early purple orchid and silverweed essences. For oral and topical use.

Breakthrough Elixir contains Early Purple Orchid augmenting feelings of safety to release fears, doubts, and allow new energy to enter our lives. Penstemon strengthens our perseverance, bringing light awareness to pain and blocks. Silverweed and Scarlet Gilia bring feelings of gratification, beauty and pleasure to a powerfully graceful balance. The Fibonacci sequence on the label directs these essences and in turn, our energies, into the most efficient and natural flow of resources and energy for expansion towards divinely inspired goals.

*Fourth in the set of six elixirs.

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