Aura Luminesce Spray


Aura Luminesce Spray

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AURA LUMINESCE Spray (2 oz bottle) is a purifying flower/gem essence, hydrosol and essential oil blend by Dr. Chris Lipat, handcrafted by Essence Alchemy. It supports integration of oneʻs shadows into more harmonious frequencies of light, allowing you to hold more complexity with ease. Spray Aura Luminesce at the start of a session to prime the body for transformation, to see the light in our negative thoughts and our shadows, and to support the healing of our childhood and ancestral emotional traumas. It is intended to increase the auraʻs coherence and integrity. 

Aura Luminesce contains water, alcohol, and: Ti plant essence which clears negative influences, cords, entities, attachments and is helpful in cases of anxiety, panic, paranoia. Cross vine essence dissolves self-limiting beliefs, strengthens the ability to face truths, building courage to change. Silverweed essence enhances self awareness, and balances desires, impulses and material attachment. White sage essence and hydrosol from Ojai clears negative psychic energy, uplifts, and reconnects you to your inner wisdom. Obsidian gem elixir promotes grounding, compassionate insight into emotional blocks and ancestral traumas while growing spiritual integrity. Frankincense oil is a sacred resin that soothes the spirit, increases intuition and presence of mind. Sandalwood oil calms and clears the mind, protects and grounds while connecting you to our divine oneness. The Reiki symbol of Seheki has a brain balancing affect on the mental/emotional levels and Karuna Reiki® symbol of Gnosa enhances unconditional love, wisdom and spiritual understanding.

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